Baby bath square sponge

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Do not hurt the skin, rub ash rub mud, delicate and soft. Strong water absorption, wipe does not remain after the cotton wool and water marks, durable.
Instructions for use:
Step 1: first wet bath cotton, bath cotton soaked in water for about 1 minute.
Step 2: the soaking in the water bath cotton brought prepared wring dry.
Step 3: wipe the water on the cotton twist bath, wring the skin can be wiped.
Step 4: Wring the wrung of cotton bath rub before rubbing the skin, first keep the skin moist, then try to rub the skin with a scrub bath you will see the skin began to appear dirt.
Specifications: 17 * 7 * 3cm
The main components: PVA cotton
Application: Suitable for children adults
Storage requirements: Avoid high temperatures, please in a cool, dark, children are not easy to reach places to save.