Acne Scar Removal Face Care Cream

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1.efficient formula, anti-acne effect is remarkable
Unique 1% clindamycin, specially designed for acne skin. The formula is to absorb the quick benefits without leaving traces. At the same time at the same time, moisten the skin, prevent moisture loss, keep the skin comfortable and soothing.
2.ingredients high concentration, the essence of less dose
The use of high concentrations of gel material as a carrier, only a small amount, not only can effectively get rid of acne, prevent scar formation, make skin smooth and delicate reproduction, full time uniform white luster.
3.natural use, safe and reliable
Extract pure natural plants, do not take any hormones, antibiotics, long-term use is not allergic, without any side effects, safe and reliable.
1.clean skin.
2.Place the correct amount directly with acne, acne cream and position, gently massage until absorbed.
3.can be increased according to the severity of acne, at least three times a day, insisted on applying to skin improvement.
1.sensitive skin should be tested before use
2.If you have any adverse reactions, please stop using this product
3.places where children are not accessible
Avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes or rash
Name: Nuobisong Special Acne Treatment Gel
Ingredients: pure natural herbal extract
Specifications: 15g
Shelf life: 3 years