Blue light acne therapy treatment pen

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Physical therapy using phototherapy and hyperthermia, with safety, no side effects. Can go to the skin wrinkles, anti-inflammatory painkillers, almost no sense of use, very comfortable and safe. To stabilize the heat 42 degrees to promote acne acceptable skin evaporation, from the root to solve the problem of breeding pimples, keep the skin clean.
Can also reduce the secretion of oil to close the pores.
Step 1: Open the battery cover, install a battery No. 5, please note that the battery should not be installed.
Step 2: Clean the skin, take the appropriate skin essence, or deposited on the face mask.
Step 3: Open the cover, push the switch to push and twist, work indicator light, indicating the start of treatment tone, blue light blue probe, the head will be slightly fever, 1 minute later, maintaining the temperature at 42 degrees.
Step 4: Please apply the blue probe to the site to be treated, and while moving the light, slowly move from the inside to the outside down the muscle and lymph.
Step 5: During the treatment, the beeper sounds every 5 seconds, the course ends after 2.5 seconds, the end of the long tone, the new course start after 5 seconds, and the normal skin is 10 minutes according to the time required for your skin It is advisable.
This product does not contain batteries, customers need to buy their own batteries on the 5th installation and use.
Voltage: DC1.5V
Current: 0.6A
Power: 0.9W
Host gross weight: 90.3 grams
Product Size: 135 * 19 * 19mm
Host color: white