Cured dark eye oil eye care

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  • Cured dark eye oil eye care
  • Remove dark circles oil + steam goggles


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The creamy essential oils are warm and relaxing and promote the feeling of tranquility, can eliminate fatigue, focus on depression, help sleep, prevent wrinkles, tighten the skin, improve the obstruction of the skin, moisturizing, promote cell regeneration, rejuvenation, eliminate dark circles, Skin color, for the dark spots, scars, stretch marks have the effect of dilution, and can prevent sunburn, wound, sore, ulceration and inflammation are effective.
After cleansing and using toner, take appropriate amount of massage oil in the palm of your hand, evenly coated around the skin in the eye, and smear the eye with moderate intensity, repeated three times, beware of the eye.
Do not infuse oil into your eyes
Do not use after cleaning, every day sooner or later, you can replace the eye essence, and then use eye cream.
Adhere to massage, can improve the dark circles, compact eye skin.
This product with steam goggles use, the effect is better, click on the picture to understand the steam goggles more information.
Product Category: Compound Essential Oil
Item: cured dark eye oil
Ingredients: Chamomile
Extraction method: extraction
Efficacy: cured dark eye oil eye care to dilute the dark circles dilute the red blood
Nursing parts: face
Skin Type: General
Uses: scraping, massage
Net content: 30ml