Enhance the neck contour to increase the skin elasticity cream

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Pull tight, enhance the neck contour, increase skin elasticity. Eliminate neck lines, bid farewell to yellow, suitable for all types of skin, especially for dry dull rough, dull skin.
Step 1: Four fingers close together, gently pull from the bottom up.
Step 2: Along the neck lymph, with the index finger, middle finger from top to bottom clockwise circle.
Step 3: Use the index finger, middle finger to open the neck area, massage circle.
2 times a day recommended at night before going to bed massage, relieve relaxation, can help sleep better.
Use a bottle can be very good to improve the neck dry and dry, rough dull problems
With 2 bottles, the elasticity and firmness of the skin can be greatly improved.
Use 3 bottles for a cycle, the effect gradually revealed.
Net content: 50g
Product Category: Neck Essence / Cream