Frozen Cream Antipruritic Anti - cracking Hand Cream

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  • Frozen Cream
  • Frozen Cream + Horse Oil Hand Cream


Can cure the skin chapped, sterilization and anti-inflammatory, enhance immune function, Huoxue Tongjing, sterilization drive the cold, to promote the skin becomes delicate, antibacterial, blood and blood, skin care beauty. Antifungal, antipruritic insecticide. Quickly repair damaged skin. 
Wash the affected area with warm water, take appropriate amount of frozen cream applied to the affected area, sooner or later each time.
Long frostbite crowd in the majority of children, the product recommended in a cool place, to avoid exposure.
Product Category: Hand cream
Efficacy: replenishment, moisturizing, moisture, crack and repair
Flavor: Herbal fragrance
Product Series: Handguards
Net content: 35g