Body hair removal repair essence

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Repair fluid, fresh anti-hair moisture, inhibit hair growth, repair nourish the skin. After hair removal, make the skin more transparent. Dual maintenance solution. Moisturizes and soothes hair growth inhibition. Contains a variety of plant extracts and unique hair growth inhibiting ingredients that allow the skin to quickly absorb and effectively nourish the skin, hair growth organization, so that the skin feel fresh, smooth, full of elasticity.
Step 1: Use a warm towel to heat the need to depilate the site
Step 2: Extrude a sufficient amount of hair removal cream in the need to depilate the site
Step 3: Use the scraper along the hair growth direction will be evenly applied to the paste, covering the hair removal site, the thickness of about 3mm
Step 4: Wait for 5-8 minutes
Step 5: With the scraper against the direction of hair growth gently stripping the hair removal cream, you can remove the hair.
Step 6: After hair removal, rinse with lukewarm water, then wipe off the hair conditioner and massage until the skin absorbs.
Efficacy: repair, moisture
Specifications Type: Single
Shelf life: three years