Lighten Neck Hydrating Neck Mask

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Contains a variety of plant hydrating essence, so that the neck skin feel moist and care, mild moisture, skin smooth and firm. Lighten neck wrinkles.
Step 1: Open the bag Remove the neck and unfold
Step 2: Narrow neck under the narrow width of its fit in the neck
Step 3: Gently pat the neck with a hand on the skin
Step 4: Relax and enjoy the essence of 15-20 minutes to fully absorb
Warm tips:
As each person's skin is different, before using any new product, it is recommended to do a skin test after the ear, if not, please stop using. Due to the different printing version, the color of the outer membrane bags may be slightly different, does not affect product quality, please rest assured to use.
Net content: 25g
Shelf life: 3 years
Efficacy: moisturizing, nourishing, nourishing nutrition, dilute neck lines.