Man beard and chest hair grow essential oils

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Contains a variety of natural nutrients, infiltrating the root of hair follicles, repair and activation of dormant hair follicles, improve nutrient absorption and accelerate hair regeneration. Can grow armpit hair, pubic hair, chest hair, beard, eyebrows. Through 5 steps, activate the hair follicles, repair hair follicles self-growth ability; repair damage, protect the ingredients to add hair nutrition; protect the hair follicles, create a healthy hair growth environment; rapid proliferation of hair growth.
Ginger oil, North American banyan oil, rosemary leaf oil, vitamin E, grapefruit seed oil
After bathing every day, take the appropriate amount of evenly applied to the need of the site, fully massage until the skin can be absorbed.
Adhere to use 2-4 months. Beard and chest hair to achieve a strong state.
Product Specifications: 40ml / bottle
Product weight: 100g