Men private parts antibacterial lotion

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Clean antibacterial, gentle formula, disease prevention, to taste fresh, moisturizing protection. Adhering to the essence of traditional Chinese medicine. Based on natural plant herbs and excellent ancestral remedies. The use of advanced ultra-low temperature extraction and biological enzyme purification technology. Strongly remove harmful substances, moisturize the skin, and the formation of breathable protective film on the skin surface. At the same time to maintain the health of male private parts, to achieve antibacterial, antibacterial, itching, nourishing, multi-effect care and other effects.
Foreskin thoroughly up, take a little direct application of this product, gently rinse with water after bubbling.
If inadvertently into the eyes or mouth, please clean with water; stay away from children, sexually transmitted diseases may not be used for sexual prevention, if there is a small amount of herbs precipitation normal.
Keep the cap tightly closed and in a cool dry place.
Shelf life: 5 years
Function: private parts cleaning
Net content: 150ML
Function and use: antibacterial care
The main components: lotion