Sleep lip mask moisturizing

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Moisturizing moisturizing lip, night sleep lips, strawberry jelly sleep lips, add lip water and lock the water,
Can effectively remove the dry skin, dilute the lip, improve the lip color, restore the pink and red, deep nourish repair, do not worry about pigmentation, improve skin fine lines, dry, so that the lips keep moist.
Step 1: Before going to bed, wash your lips and dry
Step 2: use the lip brush to take appropriate amount of lip film evenly applied to the lips, a little massage immediately after falling asleep
Step 3: the next day with a lip brush to wash the lips left lip, wash your lips can be.
2-3 times a week, the lips are particularly dry, it is recommended to use once a day.
Product Category: Lipstick
Efficacy: moisturizing water, reduce the lip, dilute the lip color, exfoliating
Applicable people: GM
Specifications: normal specifications
Time to market: 2016
Special Purpose Cosmetics: No
Item: 011
Shelf life: 3 years