Bamboo charcoal toothpaste

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Bamboo charcoal black toothpaste in the black, is due to the body of bamboo charcoal activity caused by C ions, are charcoal color, do not add any pigment, and bamboo charcoal active C ion has more than three times the adsorption capacity of activated carbon, gradually softening, On stubborn stains.
1.Adsorption plaque - super clear tooth stains, whitening teeth; remove bad breath, fresh air;
2.insect repellent - completely kill oral inflammation, prevention and treatment of oral ulcers, inhibition of gum bleeding;
3.Release energy - effectively promote oral metabolism, improve oral immunity;
4.Nutrition - nutritional gingival, prevention and treatment of gingival recession, to extend the life of the teeth;
5.Purification - to improve the oral environment, reduce the incidence of oral diseases.
1.morning and evening brushing, toothpaste amount without too much, each brush 2-5 minutes can be.
2.brush your teeth, the teeth focus on the brush inside, brush teeth, the first spit noodles, with half of the mouth water, mouthwash.
At the time, you can feel the difference in oral comfort, oral cleansing and other toothpaste. A kind of mouth is very fresh and clean feeling. And improve the various diseases of the mouth, you need to be based on each person's oral problems, but long-term adherence, can really improve the oral various types of problems.
unction: whitening, anti-sensitive, to tooth stains, moth / solid teeth, antibacterial / gum care
Net content: 100g
Applicable to: adult
Fragrance: bamboo charcoal fresh
Ingredients: bamboo charcoal C active ion, holly AB element, a variety of plant glycosides, natural pearl calcium powder;
Shelf life: three years