Plaque net 10ml whitening teeth

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  • A plaque net + a toothpaste

Plant extract, safe to use. Remove smoke teeth, black teeth, dental fluorosis. 72 hours long lasting whitening. BNC bright white factor deep penetration technology. 
Before use, warm water should be used mouthwash, dipped with a cotton swab after taking the appropriate amount of liquid, face the mirror repeatedly wiping the tooth surface, one by one bleaching until the plaque wipe clean, and then rinse with warm water. Apply once a week, a bottle for a month.
Serious smoked teeth, a discoloration is not clean, please use again in a week.
When wiping, the force should be moderate, try to avoid the gums and oral mucosa.
Each tooth wiping time is about 30-60 seconds
Pregnant women and children under 13 should not be used, not oral.
Plaque net and charcoal toothpaste used together, the effect is better.
If you want to learn more about bamboo charcoal toothpaste information, click on the picture below to understand.

Function: To tooth stains, whitening teeth
Net content: 10mL
Suitable for: adults
Aromatic: no fragrance