Slimming abdomen with hip

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  • Sexy skin
  • purple
  • black
  • M/L(Waist circumference 59-80)
  • XL/XXL(Waist circumference 80-100)
  • Body Shaping pants
  • Body shaping pants + slimming cream

Flat abdomen waist, firming the skin, correct posture, reshape the United States back. Scientific body sculpting, healthy body, soft skin-friendly, trace-free invisible. Imported high-quality fabrics, fine thread weaving, high-elastic comfortable breathable. Tough resistance to pull deformation. Comfort is not easy curling. Through the pressure on the body sculpting and dragging, the fat is effectively transferred to the gluteal center to make the body more concave and convex, so that the wearer can wear comfortably and can achieve the state of fat displacement, thereby achieving the effect of sculpting stereotypes easily through wearing.

About 2cm on the navel, you have to personally measure, if you do not easy to waist, you can refer to the weight of the election code.
Press the waist circumference the most accurate selection code, please try to measure the waist size before re-election.
Manual measurement will have 1-3cm error, please understand.
Skinny pants and pepper slimming cream used together, the effect is better.
If you want to know more pepper slimming cream, click on the picture below to understand.

Fabric Name: Nylon
Main fabric components: nylon / nylon
The main ingredient content: 80 (%)
size:M / L (waist circumference 59-80)
XL / XXL (waist 80-100)